P. 3

06 Starfucked                                            98 Guldor                   112 Tommy Magpie
                                                                                            112 Tommy Magpie
        06 Starfucked
                                                                98 Guldor

        22 Lady Tigra
       22 Lady Tigra                                            126 Vicius P                 148 Rubber Bambi
                                                                                             148 Rubber Bambi
                                                                126 Vicius P

        52 Sugarfairy
       52 Sugarfairy                                           170  Mistress Hibiki
                                                                170  Mistress Hibiki

       66 Pandalie
        66 Pandalie
                                                                           EDESEME BLOG
                                                                       B BEDESEME BLOG

                                                               We're in November, month of cold nights, month to see our stre-
                                                               ets and storefronts gradually adapting to Christmas. For me, par-
                                                               ticularly, month of nostalgia for the loved ones who are gone.

                                                               In this issue once again we wanted to play with different covers
                                                               which, being unpublished photos, exclusive for the magazine, we
                                                               have a special treatment they deserve, for the patience that de-
                                                               monstrate photographers and models, with desire to publish, and
                                                               wait impatiently for the magazine to be published.

       78 Redsky                                               The magazine from now on be officially bimonthly, we want to
        78 Redsky
                                                               offer the best and for that we need time.
                                                               I've never share here my own links and is a good time to do, so
                                                               if you want to follow me, you only have to click on the links.


                                                               Diego M. Garcia
                                                               General Manager of Bedeseme Magazinee
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