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The fashion models and
       In a tweet size, who is Star-  alternative  models  do                         the natural light you get. I pre-
       fucked?                                                                        fer shooting indoors when it's
       A Swedish fetish and alterna-  their  own  thing  but  I                       cold,  like  wintertime.  I  don't
       tive model who is a shiny latex                                                like being cold but it's very be-
       and  highheels  addict.  People  think  it's  changeing                        autiful  though  with  all  the
       often think I'm badass because                                                 snow :)
       off  my  name  and  maybe  my  more  and  more,  heard
       looks  but  I'm  this  cute  girl                                              What did you study?
       who's quite a bit shy as well they will start with tat-                        I  studied  veterinary  care  in
       haha! I'm really nice and very                                                 high school.
       down to earth.                 toomodels soon which
                                                                                      When did you decide to work
       Why Starfucked?                is awesome.                                     in the fashion industry?
       A lot of people ask me why I                                                   About 4 years ago when I tried
       call myself Starfucked. It's actually just something I  modeling, 2011.
       came up with, nothing more intresting than that haha ;p
       Some people hate it and some people love it. I chosed it  Why do you like the model/fashion world?
       because It's something that stands out from other model  It's mostly because of all the amazing and creative peo-
       names and something you will remember even though       ple in this industry. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.
       you don't like it. I like the sound of it! I wanted some-  You also get to do a lot of things that makes you cha-
       thing provocative and sexy which I think Starfucked is  llenge yourself and grow as a person which I think is im-
       :)                                                      portant. Believe in yourself! It's of course also nice to be
                                                               creative and do crazy stuff that other people likes!
       Why do you have the hair in two colors? Is it part of
       your brand image?                                       How do you feel inside a Latex suit (or another ma-
       When I first colored it I had it all in red which I actually  terial) and wearing 16 cm high heels?
       miss! But back then I felt that it looked quite boring so  Super sexy and irresistible.
       I tried with the black as well and I loved it! I think the
       hair gets more interesting with two colors rather than  What do you think about Latex outfits?
       one, it gives it that little extra. I've had it like this now  I love latex! I've been into it since long before I started
       for 4 years so basically my whole modeling career so far  modelling, it's a big passion of mine. It is amazing to
       :) When I did my first 2 shoots I had it in dark red, thin-  wear, it´s soft and smooth, follows every curve of your
       king of maybe going back but we'll see.                 body and it´s incredibly sexy! It's a special feeling wea-
                                                               ring it!
       Do you think you're different from other models?
       Which are your qualities?                               Is it easy to stand out in this world or everything is
       I don't think I'm different from other models, all models  already invented?
       have their own qualities. It's quite a difficult question ac-  I think it's quite easy. You have to make your own look
       tually. To be a successful model I think that you need so-  and thing after what you love and are passionate about.
       mething that stands out. Something you just have, in my  Don't follow what others do but take inspiration from it.
       case I would say it's my hair, eyes and personality :)
                                                               What do you prefer: a normal photoshoot or some-
       Is Sweden an open minded country?                       thing more alternative? Why?
       I think Sweden is quite open minded we have fetish par-  I basicly only shoot fetish or alternative because thats
       ties and so on haha. People in general are often very cu-  what I like to do. I think it's more creative, you can do
       rious and likes it.                                     what you want.

       Is there alternative art in Sweden?                     Do  you  do  any  performances  or  another  artistic
       Yes of course not that much though since Sweden is      work?
       quite small but the the ones we have are usually really  Only modeling for now.
                                                               Is the fashion industry cruel with the alternative mo-
       Do you prefer indoors or outdoors shootings?            dels?
       I prefer outdoors because of all the cool and beautiful lo-  I guess they are but I don't even think about it. The fas-
       cations. You have so many different choises depending   hion models and alternative models do their own thing
       on what you want to do and what feeling you want in the  but I think it's changeing more and more, heard they will
       pictures and what's matching with the clothes. I also love  start with tattoomodels soon which is awesome.
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